About the Company

Utilzás EFAG, based in Águeda (Portugal), began its activity was predominantly oriented towards the production of bathroom rods and accessories.
In 1989, Utilzás significantly increased its manufacturing and administrative area (+2000m2), representing a historical milestone in the company's structure.

Gaining the trust of customers and aremarkable evolution at national and international level, over the years, the company has been achieving a significant expansion in the metallurgical world, thus managing to produce a great diversity of products based on different categories.

Design • Personalization • Innovation


The main focus of the company is to produce products with the highest quality, functionality and aesthetics possible, always taking into account the needs of the consumer and putting above all their satisfaction.


Utilzás intends to expand its market more and more, both in terms of product diversity and at the territorial level, making its name go further and further.


Values are the mirror of an organization and Utilzás chose design, customization and innovation to be the pillars by which the company is governed.

ISO 9001 quality certification

With about 50 employees, Utilzás is a company that bets on the continuous improvement of products and services provided to its customers and other stakeholders, and it was with a view to this improvement that the company invested in quality certification by ISO 9001.